Argentinian interdisciplinary artist María Cristina Eguiluz @ Diálogo 365

October 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

AR-L: What inspired you to submit your work to the 2011 Diálogo 365
exhibition initiative?

MCE: I love challenges, and I also need to get people’s feedback about my
work. This is also a challenge, because one has to be open to all kind
of critics, and personal approaches to the work one is showing.

Free to Leave the Painting. Mixed media on wood. 8″ x 8″ x 4″. 2008

There are periods of introspection and self analysis, but then, it is
important to be in touch with the outer world, and also meet new
people who will enrich one’s life.

AR-L: As an interdisciplinary artist your work combines multiple
technical approaches – can you tell us more about the techniques you
work with?

MCE: I usually work on canvas. If the size of the frame is not very big I
prefer to work on mdf. Then I like to experiment with heavy textures
of thick gesso mixed with other materials like glue and marble powder,
or sand, modeling textures with my hands while it dries.

I also introduce collage with pieces of wood, or branches, seeds,
which I collect from different places like the Avila Mountain, which
is right behind my house. This mountain is part of the National Park
called Waraira Repano.

It makes me feel that I appropriate and keep part of the magic of this
natural site, which makes me feel alive and rewarded by God.

When I think of my carving, manipulating and producing marks on the
surface of a piece I am working with, I feel it’s a way of preserving
the object I took from nature, and keep it as part of a sacred memory.

AR-L: Is your work mostly small format? What can you tell us about this
preference on your part?

MCE: I also work with bigger format. In this case, I am producing a group
of small sanctuaries.  Places of meditation and offerings. That is why
I call them “connections”.

Trapped Forever. Mixed media on wood. 8″ x 8″ x 4″. 2008

This is an intimate object, because you have to get closer to observe
and find out what the meaning and the message are.

AR-L: Where are you currently located?

MCE: I come and go. Now I am mostly here in Venezuela but I will be in New
York by the 12th of November. I hope to sell my house so I can finally
live near my daughter in USA.

AR-L: Please tell us what you think about this Diálogo 365 as one of the few
artists working with us “from a distance”.

MCE: I think you are very organized and have multiple ways of bringing
artists closer to people. Like through this blog, the catalogue (which
I really like a lot) the invitations and the beautiful place you found
for the show.

It was a little frustrating not to be able to be there for the
opening, but as I saw many pictures, and you kept writing to me, and
informing me about everything, I felt closer and very enthusiastic.

I have to say that I thank you for being so supportive.

AR-L: It’s been a great pleasure working with you as well. Best of luck in much success!


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