Ecuadorian painter Carlos Nuñez tells us more about his work in Diálogo 365

November 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

AR-L: Please tell us a little more about your work in general, where you studied, what inspires you, etc.

CN: My work is about the everyday person that remains faceless in our society. I paint a message for the unknowns to be know. The daily routine inspires me, it’s what makes our city and country work so well in a seamless manner. What makes it so seamless? That is the question that runs over and over again in my mind. Is it the people in the foreground or the background? Is it the bus boys? Maids? Nannies? Landscapers? The blue collars? The pink shirt tie and briefacase?

AR-L: What can you tell us about the three pieces you exhibited in the 2011 Diálogo 365.

CN: All three pieces work together to tell a story:

HisPANIC. Mixed media on canvas, 24″ x 24″. 2011

HISpanic is geared towards this fear that has been embedded into our society. It it fear about the “aliens” taking our jobs. The felons stealing education and robbing us blind.

Crown Imports. Mixed media on wood, 21″ x 24″. 2011

Crown Imports is about how I think immigrants should be treated. They should be treated as royals. This is why our country runs so well. Without the help of these faceless heroes, I personally think a lot will fall apart. 

The Arizona King. Mized media on canvas, 21″ x 24″, 2011.

Arizona King is a play on the Arizona governor. She called all immigrants felons, which is a very generalized accusation. The painting plays on the words king and queen, calling the governor both.

AR-L: You have exhibited in every one of the Diálogo 365 exhibitions – what can you tell us about your experience as an exhibiting artist in each show?

CN: Exhibiting in all of the Diálogo 365 shows has made me and my colleagues aware that there is a platform for our work. United as a front we have a lot to say and clearly there is an audience willing to listen to our message.

AR-L: As an artist who resides in the vicinity of Philadelphia, what can you share with us about your experience as part of the city’s arts and culture life.

CN: The city is a great small city, that is packed with arts and culture. We have great museums that are expanding to fulfill the need for the arts.

AR-L: Is there anything else you’d like to tell our readers about the Diálogo 365 initiative?

CN: Without an audience, we would still be creating. With audience participation there can be a vehicle to spread the message.


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