Amalfi Ramirez (Venezuela)

October 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

Carpe Diem. Mixed Media: 30 in x 22 in, 76.2 cm x 55.88 cm, 2012. 

My piece is definitely about Love – The Love of Life and the ignoring of the inevitability of Death. In an opposite approach to the artistic themes of a Momento Mori where we are reminded that we will die, this young girl looks directly at the viewer as if to say “Forget about it! Ignore your mortality!”.She’s about to cut the cord, the end of which holds a skull inside a bubble. The bubble will burst and disappear in the next second leaving only moments of Love, Joy and Passion.” This girl knows the real deal. We are all passing through and it’s best to enjoy every moment.

This new work inspired by the curator’s theme “Carpe Diem” was created in France and traveled through Spain and Portugal before arriving home to Philadelphia. I worked with a new technique, mixed media/collage. I wanted to bring more visual elements to my work, more texture, more storytelling. For subject matter, I used images of people “seizing the day” taking the moment to its fullest expression, being in the moment and experiencing the joy of living. “¡Qué Viva La Vida!” 

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