Daniel Oran (Cuba/USA)

October 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

Irradiance #36. Pigment Print from 8 x 10 film: 30 in x 24 in, 76.2 cm x 60.96 cm, 2011. 

 Life is engulfed in electromagnetic radiation, now more than ever. Every word we read and every call we make is pattern written in this spectrum. Visual art is never more than the eye’s perception of radiation – yet somehow, within it all, there are moments of beauty hidden within the chaos. Today, everything is fast-paced, a barrage of information. Signals pass through our skies to and from devices – more calls, more texts, more movies, more photographs, more and more information encoded in light or the broader electromagnetic spectrum. Given the pace of our lives and even the speed of the signals we send and receive (roughly 2.99*10^9 m/s), it makes me wonder what hitting the pause button might look like. To take a slice of light out of both time and space, to see just a fragment, here and now. In a sense this work is a glimpse at precisely that. A moment, distilled from a fragment of cohered light, cast through glass to produce an image.

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